Digital Connectivity

Because the infrastructure has been designed into 100 Embankment from the outset, you can look forward to fast, reliable internet connections and superior digital capacity from day one.

We appointed WiredScore during the design process, to ensure the building’s digital connectivity would meet the highest standard, and achieve a WiredScore Certification of Gold or above.

A number of fibre-optic suppliers are already connected to 101 Embankment, and 100 Embankment will provide further resilience with two diverse incoming containment connections. These split out into two separate technical intake rooms for segregation and security of incoming services.

Click here to download the full plan.

In addition, Metronet already offers a wireless (point to point) data connection within the wider Embankment scheme, which has the capacity to be extended.

Embankment will also be linked to Pure Fibre, part of Manchester’s Hyper-City project, making the building one of the first in the city to offer up to 10-gigabit-per-second fibre internet service.