A warm welcome

Anyone entering 100 Embankment will immediately feel relaxed. We’ve designed nature into the reception area, with plenty of natural light, creative planting and lush greenery – all contributing to a sense of calm and wellbeing.

As the centralised desk helps define two circulation routes within the area, you have a choice of navigation. One option leads directly to the office floors, and the second passes through flexible, collaborative work spaces to a refreshment hub.

These work spaces, featuring informal lounge seating, can be used for either private or communal working. They’re divided by metal-framed greenery, shelving and changes in floor finishes, and create an easy transition to the office floors above.

Overall, the reception is a multi-use space, with different areas providing a range of functions. Coloured and textured upholstery and finishes enhance the comfort, relaxing and rejuvenating feel of each individual zone.