Roof Terrace

A distinctive vantage point

Go to the top floor of 100 Embankment, and keep going.

Soon you’ll reach the private tiered roof terrace – an impressive open space with inspiring views of Manchester Cathedral and the city beyond. Highly flexible, it’s easy to adapt for social and business events, and offers a refreshing change of scenery for meetings and individual working. The space can also be used for a range of holistic exercises, promoting wellbeing, keeping staff fit and motivated.

You can use the lift or staircase to get to the main terrace, which is enclosed by a full-height wall for privacy and protection from the wind. Then it’s a short flight of steps up to the large viewing deck, with its glass balustrade maintaining an open feel and visual connection with the main terrace.

Overall, the terrace and viewing deck can accommodate almost 250 people, so it’s ideal for large events or a mixture of smaller activities. A combination of stone paving and artificial grass helps divide the space for different uses, while creating a stylish yet practical look and feel. We’ve also designed areas for planting, and for benches and other furniture.

The terrace has its own washroom facilities, and an internal area below the viewing deck is perfect for setting up a food and drink servery for a range of events. So you have all you need to make the most of this truly versatile space.