100 Reasons to Celebrate. N06 – 10% better

Here at Embankment we really care about our occupiers and their wellbeing, so it’s fitting to be located in a city which feels the same about its inhabitants.

Salford is a vibrant and flourishing city, that really cares about its community. There are a number of organisations and individuals that work tirelessly to make the city a better, safer and more accommodating place to live and work. Here is a brief overview of some of the charities, businesses and institutions that are helping to make Salford that 10% better.

Salford City Council

Salford City Council have made a pledge stating that they will seek to reduce energy consumption across council facilities by 10% by the end of 2019 which is predicated to save around 940 tonnes of carbon.

The council are also striving to recruit 10% more young people aged 16-24 into roles within the organisation in order to encourage and nurture young talent in the region. The council are also working in collaboration with Stonewall to promote diversity in the workforce and demonstrate their inclusivity.

Go Green Salford ’19

To help the environment & encourage Salford to ‘go green’, the University of Salford’s Student union are working with DSAS Events & Peel Park Rangers. A number of events were held in February & March to raise awareness about the environment and what the people of Salford can do to minimise their carbon footprint.

The four main areas of focus include topics including how to live green, work green, think green and eat green. There was a range of events such as littler picking around the city and a pop-up zero waste and plastic free grocery shop. Not only did the Go Green Salford event educate people on how to live sustainably, but they were also actively demonstrating what people can do to do their bit and go green.

Emmaus Salford

Emmaus Salford is a Salford based charity that supports formerly homeless people by putting a roof over their heads and providing them with opportunities to work. They have three charity shops across the city that collect furniture and clothes to raise money for the homeless community. Recently they have introduced an affordable local house clearance service where all proceeds will be used to help people who have experienced homelessness and rough sleeping in the city.

Salford 4 Good

Salford 4 Good is a charity initiative who’s aim is to help make Salford a great place to live and work by supporting the voluntary community groups in Salford. They do this by encouraging individuals and businesses to help a range of local charities by dedicating time, money and resources to each cause. The Salford based community organisations all focus on helping different aspects of the community and are working to enhance the overall state of the city.