100 Reasons to Celebrate. N01 – Making

For over a thousand years Salford and Manchester have been neighbours, friends, contemporaries, adversaries and allies. Today, they are two world-class cities which sit side by side, joined across the River Irwell at Embankment, a unique and unrivalled location.

The 166,000 sq ft Grade A office building, 100 Embankment, is the latest addition to the heart of the two cities. Our 100 Reasons campaign will follow its development and shine a light on the teams behind the construction, the people at the heart of the community and will celebrate the culture, heritage and fantastic amenity here at Embankment.

Together with our Salford-based partners BAM Construction we are kicking off our campaign by making a pledge to support ‘Salford’s 10% Better’ initiative. We join with other Salford companies to pledge that we will help the City by supporting job creation, using local companies where possible, encouraging volunteering, celebrating diversity, rewarding community spirit and promoting sustainable transport.

We hope our campaign will help to celebrate the many wonderful reasons why people should come to live and work in Greengate.

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