100 Reasons to celebrate. N05 – THE DIGITAL REVOLUTION

Manchester is – and always has been – a city of innovation and creativity, underpinned by a tenacious and collaborative approach to business and industry.

Manchester is firmly planted as one of the most important cities in the UK’s present day economy. Home to 2.8 million people and a GVA of £62.8 billion, this vibrant and booming city is the fastest growing metropolis outside of London.

The thriving technology industry in Manchester is evident, with figures showing that the city has over 7,500 tech companies and 1,600 start-ups.

Manchester was named in the Top 20 European Digital City Index, and is believed to be the single biggest technology hub outside of London, boasting over 62,000 tech jobs.

The city also has global significance, with plans for it to be one of the first cities to get superfast 5G, as well as new initiatives like Project Forward and Manchester City Council awarding two £2m grants to establish tech hubs.

It shouldn’t come as much surprise that Manchester is leading a digital and tech revolution. The city has pioneered a number of initiatives and developments including the Industrial Revolution, votes for women, modern computer science and most recently, graphene. Manchester is also home to the oldest library in the England-speaking world, vegetarianism, Rolls Royce, the world’s first railway line, the submarine, and socialism.

Manchester’s collaborative working spaces also provide plenty of opportunities for cooperation and create a prominent community feel. Workspaces in the city are much more than just desk space as they also provide a community approach to business for the tech sector. This means start-ups and scale up companies can share ideas and work together in order to enhance results.

The three universities in Manchester also contribute to Manchester’s success in technology and the digital sector, providing a regular stream of graduates in technology and computer sciences, helping the industry thrive.

Voted the best overall choice for business in the UK outside London, the city is now attracting more and more national and international companies, all drawn by its competitiveness, transport links, and highly motivated and skilled workforce.

100 Embankment is the ideal business location for today’s modern companies, situated in the heart of the city, in the centre of everything Greater Manchester has to offer.