100 Reasons to Celebrate. No 4 – Modern office space for the modern-day occupier

Conventional offices are quickly becoming a thing of the past, paving the way for a more contemporary design and functionality.

Values in the workplace are changing, which in turn means that what occupiers want from an office building is also evolving rapidly.

In many businesses the old notions of one-desk-one-staff member is outdated and many employees balance work and life with a combination of telecommuting and days in the office. Offices need to be more fluid to allow teams to form and reform as projects and staffing dictates.

Contemporary offices are much more accommodating and employee wellness is embedded into the design and tailored to the needs of the business.

It is becoming increasingly common that offices feature gyms and other amenities which prioritise the health and wellbeing of staff, including state-of-the-art cycling facilities encouraging employees to be more active.

According to the British Council for Offices, 45% of workers complain that they have a stressful journey to the office. Encouraging employees to get on their bike or walk to work will not only make this experience more pleasurable, but they will also get their daily dose of fresh air and a boost of exercise-induced happy hormones before the working day even begins. Embankment has a cycle store, lockers, plus dedicated male & female shower facilities on ground and mezzanine floor to help promote this philosophy.

Breakout areas are also much more prevalent in contemporary office design. Sometimes a change of scenery is needed, enabling impromptu meetings to take place and minimising the hassle of arranging a full-scale and corporate catch up. Breakout areas allow your staff to take themselves out of the office environment – meaning employees can clear their head, have a coffee and a quick chat. Breakout or co-working areas can also improve morale and productivity and are seen to be an essential feature of the proactive, flexible office.

Office lighting is also hugely significant… Research suggests that exposure to natural light increases productivity by 18% and better lighting in general pushes up work rates by 23%. Embankment’s abundance of windows ensure that natural lighting in each office is at its optimum.

With superb Grade A office accommodation coupled with the fabulous amenities and the incredible visual quality of the building, 100 Embankment offers the ideal working environment, perfect for growth-driven, employee-focused businesses in the region.

Exceptional quality and flexibility make 100 Embankment very special, with every floor offering stunning views across the river and city. The magnificent nine-storey building will also feature a glorious, tiered roof-terrace overlooking Manchester Cathedral, perfect for the modern- day occupier.

101 Embankment proved itself to be a high-quality business hub for its occupiers, and 100 will no doubt do the same!